New Way Of Invoice Financing

We connect businesses with financiers and help them borrow money against invoices

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New way of raising working capital

Finturi connects businesses and financiers through its platform to enable quick processing of loans against invoices. It uses new technologies to make the process secure, low cost, quick and easy.


Finturi's platform is built on blockchain. Once entered, data on blockchain cannot be altered. This makes process highly secure.

Low Cost and Quick
Low cost and Quick

Finturi automates processes and uses smart contracts. This ensures that paperwork is eliminated, transactions happen fast, and costs are reduced.


Finturi gives utmost importance to user experience. The interface is easy to use and requires just a couple of clicks for both businesses and financiers to complete transactions.

Current traditional methods of raising capital are not the best

In Europe, even though small and medium businesses generate almost two thirds of overall employment and 62.9% of value added in the non-financial business economy, it is often difficult for them to raise working capital.

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How does it work?

Through Finturi’s platform businesses can borrow money against invoices. Financiers can lend money to businesses and earn honest returns. Finturi assigns businesses a ‘Financial health score' and thus builds confidence in the ecosystem.

Business publishes Invoice
Business publishes invoice
Invoice viewed by business
Financier views invoice & financial health score of business
Loan given
Financier decides to finance the invoice
Finturi fees paid
80% of invoice amount minus finturi fees is transferred to business
Loan paid back
At end of invoice term, business returns principal + interest to financier

Finturi uses new technologies to make processes efficient

Finturi’s platform is built on blockchain.

  • Changing transaction record on blockchain is not possible and hence data on a blockchain is more accurate, consistent and trustworthy
  • With blockchain processes are streamlined and automated reducing costs
  • With its applications like smart contracts, transactions can be completed faster and more efficiently.
blockchain benefits
  • Greater Accountability
  • Enhanced Security
  • Increased Efficiency and Speed
  • Reduced Costs
Artificial Intelligence
Health Score

Finturi assigns businesses financial health score to build trust in the ecosystem

Finturi uses data from various sources like KvK, Social Media, CBS Statline, accounting systems, runs data through its machine learning algorithms and assigns a financial health score to businesses.

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24 September 2019
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Q3 2018
  • Incorporated as Finturi BV
  • Founding team comes together
Q4 2018
  • Proof of concept and testing
  • Website V1
Q1 2019
  • Vision paper V1
  • Technical paper V1
  • Website V2
Q2 2019
  • MVP launched
  • First transaction happens on MVP
Q3 2019
  • Product launch