Get money against your invoice

Don’t wait for months for the invoice to get paid. Get paid for your invoice within 24 hours.

Get 80% of your invoice amount as loan within 24 hours.

Upload Invoice
Upload invoice
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Publish invoice
Invoice accepted by financier
Your invoice is accepted by financier
Loan received
Get 80% of invoice - finturi fees
Loan Paidback
Payback 80% of invoice + interest

Raise money at best interest rates

Finturi charges nominal fees of 0.5% per transaction. Interest rate is proportional to your health score. Your payback principal along with interest and finturi fees at the end of invoice term.

If tenure of invoice is 60 days
t = 0 days
Loan received
Get 80% of invoice
t = 60 days
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Pay (Principal + Finturi fees + Interest)

How do we reduce costs and fasten the processes?

We do so with the use of blockchain technology.

  • Changing transaction record on blockchain is not possible and hence data on a blockchain is more accurate, consistent and trustworthy
  • With blockchain processes are streamlined and automated reducing costs
  • With its applications like smart contracts, transactions can be completed faster and more efficiently.
blockchain benefits
  • Greater Accountability
  • Greater Accountability Enhanced Security
  • Increased Efficiency and Speed
  • Reduced Costs