Earn returns by lending money to businesses

We provide you with a platform, We do risk assessment and provide you with health score of business, You invest in just a few clicks.

Earn returns within 30-90 days

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View invoices
Check financial health score
Check financial health score
Select Invoice to finance
Select invoice to finance
Loan received
Loan 80% of invoice amount
Loan Paidback
Get back investment with interest

Make Informed Investments

We use data from various sources– Chamber of Commerce, Social Media, CBS Statline, Accounting systems etc.

We predict financial health score by using our Data Science and
Artificial Intelligence algorithms.

We enable you to make informed investments

Artificial Intelligence
Health Score

What else makes us unique?

We use blockchain technology to build trust

  • Changing transaction record on blockchain is not possible and hence data on a blockchain is more accurate, consistent and trustworthy
  • With blockchain processes are streamlined and automated reducing costs
  • With its applications like smart contracts, transactions can be completed faster and more efficiently.
blockchain benefits
  • Greater Accountability
  • Enhanced Security
  • Increased Efficiency and Speed
  • Reduced Costs

Want to dive deeper?

Read our vision paper